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The French Exchange

Publicis•Poke, UK
To help the UK fall back in love with Renault and the Clio V, we needed to get back to what made us successful throughout the 1990s – authentic storytelling. Appealing to people who are progressive and have strong values. To bring our brand into the 21st century we told a story that was human and warm and pushed against the toxic masculinity of the automotive industry. Where 92% of consumers surveyed agree car advertising is ‘too masculine’, and 77% of women say they were ‘put off’ buying as a result. By portraying a queer female relationship, we pushed against the industry and its heteronormative shackles. Our approach of giving a queer relationship depth and telling it over three decades (rather than a three second punchline) was deliberate. A conscious strategy to positively and meaningfully portray the LGBTQ+ community in a way that was authentic not tokenistic.