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The commercial break hijack

Publicis Dubai, UAE
When KitKat sponsored The Voice Arabia, instead of going for a typical sponsorship, KitKat blurred the line between live TV and the break, by “hijacking” the commercial break. By doing so, KitKat shattered all stereotypical perceptions people had about TV breaks and made the break experience a totally seamless one.
Our TVC appeared as the first ad spot. We created an exact replica of the program’s stage, so when the show went on a break, The Voice “chairs” came to life and took a break too; leaving the audience confused about whether the program was still on, or not. Three different TV spots complemented the three different phases of the program. We also created a Break Room for contestants; with a secret door linking to the break on and off screen. The campaign expanded to in-store promos, e-commerce, radio, stunt and social, where we featured funny “behind the scenes” content of the chairs on a break. On YouTube, we targeted people searching for re-runs of the program and urged them to skip the ad, so that the chairs could enjoy a peaceful break. In malls, we tricked people with a mock photo booth with the chairs in costume, which then surprisingly came to life.

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