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I Amazonia

Duval Guillaume, Belgium
It’s only when something is gone, that we realize how much we miss it. With this in mind, Greenpeace brought back one of Europe’s most photographed tourist attractions -the giant “I Amsterdam” letters which previously stood in front of the Dutch capital’s world-famous Rijksmuseum- as “I amazonia”. The 22m x 3 m high replica sign aims to draw attention to another landmark vital to our survival which is disappearing in front of our eyes: the Amazon rainforest.
Under the leadership of President Bolsonaro, the Brazilian government plans to open up the Amazon forest for exploitation. Unlike the ‘I amsterdam’-sign, the Amazon forest is an iconic place the world cannot afford to lose. Because if we lose the Amazon forest today, we will lose the fight against climate change forever.
And it’s only when the Amazon rainforest will be gone, that we will realize how much we miss it.

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