"Our role is to help our clients Lead the Change in their businesses by being their preferred creative partner for their own marketing transformation."

"Our role is to help our clients Lead the Change in their businesses by being their preferred creative partner for their own marketing transformation."

Arthur Sadoun

CEO Publicis Worldwide

“Central and Eastern Europe is a fascinating region. Blend of cultures and religions. Nest of talents, creativity and innovation for all Europe. Publicis' Lead The Change philosophy in its essence.”

'Centralna i Wschodnia Europa to fascynujący region, gdzie mieszają się kultury i religie. Kolebka talentów, kreatywności i innowacji dla całej Europy. Esencja filozofii 'Lead The Change'..'

Tomasz Pawlikowski

CEO Publicis Worldwide Central and Eastern Europe

“Every day, in Publicis Latin America, we strive to be the most rewarding strategic and creative partner for our clients.

We maintain the same importance to the strategic development to generate tangible results thanks to a deep analysis and information interpretation.

This strategy inspires us to create great ideas and campaigns to establish the most effective and strongest connection between Brands and consumers.”

“En Publicis Latinoamérica nos esforzamos cada día en ser el socio estratégico y creativo más valorado por nuestros clientes. Ponemos el mismo énfasis en el desarrollo estratégico que genere resultado tangibles, en el análisis profundo e interpretación de la información, que sirva como inspiración para la creación de grandes ideas y campañas, que generen las más efectivas y duraderas conexiones entre las marcas y el consumidor.”

Alejandro Cardoso

Chief Executive Officer Latin America

“Lead the Change always inspires us to develop value-enhancing communication and business solutions for our clients.”

„Lead the Change inspiriert uns stets, um unseren Kunden wertsteigernde Kommunikations- und Businesslösungen zu entwickeln."

Horst Wagner

Managing Director Publicis Germany
and CEO Pixelpark AG


Whatever your business is, the purpose of our talented strategic planners and creative teams is to make your brand the assets that enable you to Lead The Change.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is the starting point for all our clients. But for us it's not enough to turn them into leaders, we want to sustain their leadership and make our clients Lead The Change. That’s why we gathered the best teams of strategic planners worldwide.

Brand Content

Brand content not only informs and entertains your customers, it will strengthen their relationship with your brand. Whatever the type of content your brand strategy needs we can create content from digital social apps to storytelling.

Brand Design

It all starts with a hardcoded brand strategy that establishes your brand concept. Then come the soft values, what people see, feel and experience with your brand: the brand identity, digital branding, retail and packaging. Did we mention that we have the best designers standing ready to give your brand a unique look & feel?


Digital communication has changed the way your customers connect with your brand, to an ongoing dialogue. We develop the CRM strategy, ecosystem, channel and contact plans, to raise the value of your customers, by increasing their satisfaction and advocacy potential.

PRM & Customer Acquisition

The fine line between prospects and customers is getting increasingly blurred. Individuals will connect with your brand long before any purchase actually happens. Using these insights will enable us to push the right message at the right time to turn your prospects into your customers.

Customer & Data Intelligence

The connected customer generates massive amounts of data. We have the ability to track, structure and mine this data to improve and help you to understand your customers, to generate insights, and to use each marketing touch point with the maximum effect.

Customer Analytics

Get to know your visitors to boost your understanding of potential customers and the effectiveness of your marketing. Countless customer interactions with your brand generate data on your multiple digital touch points, in particular owned (brand-, mobile- & microsites, apps…). We turn this data into insights to boost your understanding of users and the effectiveness of your marketing.

Data Management

Unleashing the full potential of marketing and customer data involves the ability to structure it and go beyond traditional silos – we build customer Data Management Platforms (DMP’s) able to structure a unique view of your customer and drive your marketing ROI to new heights.

Digital Marketing

Digital is not a channel, it is a world made of multiple touch points. From online and mobile advertising, to social networks we help you to define the most efficient digital tools for your needs. And the best way to organize them - taking into account the consumer journey and insights.

Digital Production

When it comes to digital projects, it is essential to combine the best strategy and creative ideas with the technology that match your needs and constraints. In time, in budget and in quality.

Direct Marketing

One-to-one dialogue with your prospects and clients takes many shapes and forms. We ensure mailers, emails, mobile, telephone programs all work together to reach the right person, with the right message at the right time.

E- and M-Commerce

For any retailer and every brand, digital commerce is becoming an increasingly important transaction channel. We devise the strategies, design the user experience and implement the technical solutions to make commerce and brand experiences work together to drive your sales to new heights.

Experiential Marketing

Full immersion and physical interaction with a brand generate a deep level of engagement. We create events or shopper immersions to create or strengthen the link between your brand and your customers.

Integrated Marketing

Sometimes one communication channel is enough, sometimes many more are needed. Depending on your goals, we recommend the best channels and create all the messages according to your brand strategy and your consumer insights to deliver an efficient global architecture.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are the most widespread digital devices. We develop campaigns, apps and mobile programs that put your brand at your customers’ fingertips.

Promotional Marketing

Sales promotions and activation campaigns need to drive sales in ways that build your brand. We turn customer insights into multichannel promotional campaigns to build your business.

Social Media

When it comes to choosing a brand, peers are the no. 1 source of recommendations and the various social media channels are where these recommendations are taking place. We develop social strategies and the global disposals related to.

Shopper Marketing

The point of sale is undergoing massive transformation, yet it remains a key moment of truth. From strategy to implementation, we help you drive traffic to the point-of-sale, make your brand come to life in a retail environment, and contribute to the digitalization of the shopping experience.

Loyalty Programs

Hold on to your customers. Once acquired, you want to drive the lifetime value of your customers. Whether they are transactional or engagement-based, we come up with the strategy, the rules, the KPI’s and the plan to keep your customers happy, increase their value, and eventually turn them into advocates.


From a Corporate Website to an e-commerce website, whatever your needs may be, we deliver the strategic recommendation and create exactly the type of website that will help you reach your goals.

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